Order paraglider materials and supplies.
Other Paraglider Supplies

We always hold a good stock of paraglider materials and accessories and can get materials delivered directly from the manufacturers. Preparing in the field with spares and repair kits is always handy. We fly in nature, where many things happen without our control. Sometimes, a spare line or repair tape can save the day.

You can order your supplies from us whether you need material for a DIY repair or if you like to have spares for a rainy day.

Repair tape €4 – A4 size (297x420mm)

Insignia tape €8 - A4 size (Ideal for repairing harness and other strong equipment)

Velcro 10mm loop & hook  €2.50 for 250mm

Rubber O-rings €5 a pack of 10

Lines from €2 to €4 per meter depending on the types and thickness

Canopy fabric €18 to €35 per square meter, depending on the manufacture and type

Rubber bands €3 for a pack of 100

Travel Repair Kit €35
A4 size repair tape, + 3 sheathed lines (2 x 6.5m, 1 x 5m) with instructions, packet of O-rings 

Whatever you may need, get in touch, and we will be happy to help.