About us

Hello, dear fellow pilot, and welcome to the family.

Here is a little about iFLY and us: Fahri and Oguzkan.

We formed iFLY with a single dream: to make the best gliders! Years of flying experience with a wide range of equipment go into our R&D. We use top-quality European-originated material in our product range and quality control at every step of production. We want iFLY pilots to trust their gliders and confidently build their flying ambitions.

We are an interdisciplinary team of founders, managers, engineers, graphic designers, computer programmers, flight instructors, etc., but above all, we are pilots. Paragliding is a way of life and joy for us. We invest all our energy, experience and expertise in building and improving our product range.

Our workshop is based in Fethiye, and most of our R&D is here. Oludeniz is our testing and playground arena year-round, making it all possible. We breathe in paragliders' air and fly with pilots from all levels and different gliders daily.  

We are also blessed with and very appreciative of all the local support we are getting. It is always great to test flights and get comparisons and feedback from our local and visiting pilot friends. Thank you to Babadag Teleferik for great logistical and PR support and to Fethiye Municipality, the Governor, and everyone else for all their help and support.

Thank you

iFLY Gliders 
Designed, built and serviced by pilots for pilots.