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Easy nil-wind take-off

Easy nil-wind take off

Nitinol enhanced leading edge

Nitinol enhanced Leading Edge

Porcher Skytex fabric

Porcher Skytex Fabric

The latest 3D design and technologies

Latest 3D design and technologies

All European sourced material

All European sourced material

Produced with EU standards

State-of-the-art construction

Durable, strong fabric for leading edge

High performing

High performing

weFLY tandem paraglider

◆ Intuitive Flying    ◆ Precision Handling        ◆ High Performance   ◆ Durable Light Weight      

Priceless quality, material and service!

 hobby canopy is constructed using 100% Porcher Skytex fabric, and Edelrid lines.  Only the best and proven paraglider fabrics and materials are used. All are sourced within Europe.

Intuitive flying, precise handling and agility 

State of the art modern, lightweight construction

With ingenious detailed designs and solutions, we achieved a very light and agile glider without compromising quality and longevity.   

The latest technology and design

Sophisticated and solid internal canopy structure with specially reinforced diagonal ribs, double 3D shaping, tension types and mini-ribs.

Reinforced for durability and longevity

Built to last.  Highest quality construction for the leading edge.  Supported with nitinol wire in silicone tubes and caps at both ends.  The top of the leading edge is enhanced with a stronger fabric end-to-end for increased longevity.

High performance

Make it yours! 
Choose your colours (free) and branding.

You can design your hobby.  Choose your favourite colour, and we will create a series of photorealistic 3D simulations.
We can also apply your or your sponsor's branding, advertising labels, logos, etc.  Drop us an email and let us know your branding needs.

Here are some colour examples:

weFLY color examples


We only use materials with which we have had good experiences over the years and whose manufacturers we have the shortest possible delivery routes. Except for the Ronstan castors, all materials used in the weFLY come from the EU. 

weFLY materials

Technical data

weFLY paraglider technical data


hobby Line plan

Line Plan